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Kagome Higurashi is a 15 year old schoolgirl who lives at a history-filled Japanese shrine. She is also the reincarnation of an ancient priestess named Kikyo, who guarded the sacred Shikon no Tama (Jewel of Four Souls), and who sealed away the half-demon Inuyasha who had tried to steal the jewel in order to become a full demon. Kikyo died of her wounds and had the jewel burned with her body. Kagome is one day pulled into the ancient well on her family's shrine and thrown into the past, 50 years after Kikyo's death. She befriends Kaede, the late Kikyo's sister, who realizes Kagome is Kikyo's reincarnation. They are attacked, and learn that Kagome has the Shikon no Tama, but it's actually inside her body! Kagome accidentally awakens the dog-demon Inuyasha, and frees him after the jewel has been ripped from her body. Now Inuyasha wants the jewel back, but Kagome can't let him have it. He is forced (by Kaede's magic) to wear a necklace that allows Kagome to control him with one word, "Sit!", which sends him face-first into the ground. Kagome accidentally shatters the jewel, and now she and Inuyasha have to work together to find all the pieces before they fall into the wrong hands. Only Kagome can "sense" where the shards are, and only Inuyasha is powerful enough to get them from the demons or people who have them. But can they stop fighting long enough to work together?
InuYasha is the story of a dog half-demon who is constantly after a jewel of immense power, the Shikon jewel, also no as the Shikon no tama. He lives in the forest near the village where the jewel is protected by a priestess named Kikyo. Soon InuYasha and Kikyo fall in love and InuYasha promises his new love he will use it to become a full-demon. However, a bandit named OniGumo who is obsessed with Kikyo offers his body to a group of demons who inhabit it and he ceases to exist and becomes a half-demon called Naraku, who, above everything else, desires power. Naraku disguises himself as InuYasha and attacks and fatally wounds Kikyo, who then, believing her attacker was her former lover, shoots InuYasha thru the heart with a sacred arrow that puts him sleep forever or until the curse is lifted. Kikyo dies and the jewel is burned with her. However, fast-forward several hundred years into the future and we meet Kagome, a girl who lives in Tokyo at a shrine with her family. Not knowing she is the reincarnation of the priestess Kikyo she goes down one day into her family's well and then is transported thru a mystical portal to the feudal-era of Japan's history. There she meets InuYasha and frees him from his tree when the village is attacked by a demon. Having the jewel hidden inside her body, Kagome soon has it taken out and it is not long before a demon steals it and she shoots the jewel with an arrow and it shatters into thousands of peaces. Over the course of the series, InuYasha, Kagome, and the friends they come to meet battle Naraku in a race to rebuild the jewel before Naraku can use it for his own evil purposes. Will InuYasha and his allies stop Naraku in time or will Naraku triumph and become the most powerful demon to ever exist?
InuYasha is the single most awesome anime TV show and TV show period. I love watching it. i know so many people who love it as well! I cant wait 2 buy the seasons on DVD! The movies were very good as well. I only got 2 watch the third one, but it was still really good!I really want everything i can find that is about InuYasha: movies, season DVD sets, toys, collectibles, and anything else i can find that's about InuYasha.I want 2 see the other movies really bad. i herd that the 2nd 1 was the best, but according, 2 IMDb's reviews, the third one was the best. I also really hope that they keep making InuYasha movies as well..
You know a series has to be good when you fall in love with a<br/><br/>&quot;flawed&quot; main character, especially an animated one (the only<br/><br/>other time this has happened was Vegeta from DBZ). I&#39;ve only<br/><br/>seen the English dub on Adult Swim, but it really seems that<br/><br/>Richard Cox and Inuyasha the character were a perfect match; the<br/><br/>voice-acting is one of the biggest draws. <br/><br/>As for the show itself, anyone who&#39;s a fan of Buffy the Vampire<br/><br/>Slayer and Angel will love this. The storyline about an ancient half- man/half-demon and a young modern girl does have that base<br/><br/>parallel to Buffy and Angel, as well as incredibly good storytelling<br/><br/>that defies just as many genres. But from there it goes off on its<br/><br/>own particular mythologic twists and turns that make it so unique<br/><br/>and powerful. After every 24 minute episode I&#39;m amazed at how<br/><br/>much has been accomplished and developed, all while giving a<br/><br/>fair balance to the cast of characters, all sharply-delineated and<br/><br/>possessing their own unique appeal. The scoring is equally<br/><br/>wonderful and often difficult to get out of your mind.<br/><br/>All in all, who cares about gritty or anything near that when for once<br/><br/>in a long time you can get swept up in the romance and fantasy<br/><br/>and drama of it all? This is a rare series, and one bound to get<br/><br/>rarer, particularly when all the networks (American at least) seem<br/><br/>to care about these days are reality shows or &quot;realistic&quot; dramas<br/><br/>uninterested in strong character-based plot developments. Anime<br/><br/>seems to be one of the last realms where you can find good<br/><br/>stories told exceedingly well with the emphasis where it should<br/><br/>always be, on the characters; that there&#39;s action, adventure,<br/><br/>romance, drama, or comedy is merely secondary.

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