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An employee, working for Gault Capital in L.A, gets targeted by a ruthless assassin and locked in the elevator after she uncovers a chilling secret.
When the sudden and shocking death of a coworker sends everyone reeling at Gault Capital, JANE, uncovers a very dangerous secret. Her boss, charismatic billionaire Thaddeus Gault, is suspected of massive financial fraud. An assassin, FRANK, is dispatched to silence her forever. Jane's flight from the office is forestalled when her pursuer shuts down her elevator. Now, trapped and alone, Jane must find a way to escape her steel cage before the killer reaches her. This brooding and relentless thriller plunges our heroine, Jane, into a free fall of betrayal and terror. To survive Jane must find the inner strength and courage to defeat the powers that hold her and her dreams captive by fear.
Jane Porter (Sarah Butler) works at Gault Capital. She&#39;s shocked when her supervisor Ronald Taft (Ian Gomez) tells her about a co-worker&#39;s apparent suicide jump off the building. Thaddeus Gault (Malcolm McDowell) offers her the job to replace him. She uncovers wrongdoing and tells Ronald. Ronald calls in Frank (D.B. Sweeney) to clean up the situation. Jane gets trapped in the elevator.<br/><br/>The writing is rather simplistic. Once she gets stuck in the elevator, the movie also gets a bit stuck. It&#39;s a hard premise to work and there is no imagination behind this to get it working. The outside story has no effect. At one point, Jane yells at Frank to &quot;Do Something&quot;. I know the feeling. This is confined space thriller without any skills or originality.
Let me clear some things up. If there is a killer in a film and Eric Roberts is in it, it is not a mystery who the killer could be. If there is a bad guy and Malcolm McDowell is it…. Type casting has ruined many films. The film opens with Jane Porter (Sarah Butler) practicing kick boxing with her boyfriend (Jayson Blair). He doesn&#39;t like her billionaire boss Thaddeus Gault because he is played by McDowell. Jane goes to work and discovers that VP Michael Willbourne jumped off the roof. His office was quickly cleared out and 9 minutes into the film as Gault is making a speech, I had the whole film figured out, and most of you will too.<br/><br/>What can I say. You know that kick boxing thing works it way back into the script and if you read the title and look at the box you know this is about our heroine being cornered in an elevator. Not many characters and the ones they had were not overly entertaining. I personally liked Stig Svendsen 2011 &quot;Elevator&quot; more.<br/><br/>Guide: No sex or nudity. No swearing that I recall.

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